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December 12, 2007


Katie Hahn

I work with Melissa and I just wanted to say congrats on your engagement. The ring is beautiful. I know you must make her very happy because everytime I see her and I ask about you her face lights up. Melissa is a very sweet girl so you better take care of her. Congrats to the both of you.

P.S you are very handsome. Melissa said you were but I have never seen your picture before today. I do agree with her that you look just like your mom.


Hi Melissa and Scott,
Congratulations! I FINALLY had time to read your long-ass blog!! but it was great..entertaining...romantic..and i have to admit i'm a bit envious...but extremely happy for you two...Melissa you deserve a great man...i look forward to meeting scott..and hopefully visiting chicago. love, melanie


Kinda miss you both. looking forward to the next rendez-vous.
love you both Dan and Mom

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