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January 06, 2010


Mary Maddux

Happened upon this thanks to noticing your Twitter feed. What I found with the Course in Miracles is that the effects of going through the workbook still continue to unfold in my awareness. Years after finishing I really started to get lesson one. I don't think about ACIM anymore. When I finished the workbook I put it aside. But it definitely planted seeds that continue to sprout! Enjoy the rest of the year knowing you don't understand it!

Scott Desgrosseilliers


Thank you for that insight. I am the opposite of your experience in that I have trouble getting through the text (page 180 after 3 years!) but enjoy the lessons much more consistently.



HAHA, this is funny. It's JJ that you sacked from Motorola all those years back. What. It's the fastest way to introduce myself.

What's funny is that we're reading the same book. It's really one of my favorites. You'll notice that the way it was written is not easy to read. This is by design. It's written in a way that makes you think. Anyways. Cheers.

Scott Desgrosseilliers

Hey JJ - Hope life is treating you well. I have already gone through the lessons, this is my 2nd time through. I find the text portion very interesting but slow to get through.

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